Example Special Shows

Special Shows

One of the best parts of Out of Bounds is all the special events you won’t find anywhere else. We love to give out of town guests more opportunities to perform. See the list of some of our past events below. Express your interest on the application form and tell us what you’re excited about. We won’t do ALL of these shows, but we’ll do at least a few of them.

Maestro and/or Blue Maestro

Maestro is the longest running improv show in Austin, and one of the most popular. It’s been happening every Saturday at The Hideout Theatre since 1999, and shows no signs of stopping.

The show includes 12 of Austin’s virtuoso improvisers… only one of whom will make it to the end of the show. They play games and scenes that you score. The lowest scoring players are eliminated each round.The surviving improviser is declared the winner and MAESTRO before being awarded a crisp new Canadian five-dollar bill.

But for Out of Bounds, Maestro will expand to include some 25 of the best improvisers from around the country, as various members of the festival’s performing groups submit to the will of the directors and to the scoring whims of the audience.

Some years we do “Blue Maestro” which is basically the same show but but encouraging the performers to be as filthy, offensive, and crass as possible.


All the pretentious pomp of your classic TEDtalk without all of that valid research and factual information getting in the way of the COMEDY.

ZEDtalks is a series of prepared, intellectual presentations delivered by people who have no idea what they’re talking about and no grandiose hope of changing the world.

Our mission: Spreading bulls**t.

(last year’s ZEDtalks were a triumph of absurdity. expect more of the same this year.)

Improvised Standup

Standup comics sometimes spend years fine-tuning their jokes for maximum impact and enjoyment.

But now OOB is assembling the festival’s finest stand-ups and improvisers to perform in this one-time special show where the comics won’t know their set until they hit the stage.

They’ll have to think quickly on their feet to craft perfect set-ups and segues as they move through a seemingly disconnected series of set list items.

A sample set list for the Improvised Standup show:
1. the hula hoop
2. Anderson Cooper
3. last airbender
4. no i in team
5. jorts

What will this year include? Come find out.

Improvised Rap-Battle

Freestyle rap IS improvisation, plain and simple.

So this year we’re giving improvisers a chance to throw down lyrically as well as comedically.

Can their rhymes flow as well as their scenes? Can they be funny and fresh at the same time?

Mini-Golf Tournament

Did you know that originally OOB was called the Out of Bounds Improv Festival and Mini Golf Tournament? It’s true.

To this day, we stubbornly play a round of Mini Golf every year. And not just any mini-golf, but mini-golf OOB style.

You’ll be teamed up with a random group of OOB performers, and together you’ll fight for ownership of The Ridiculous Jacket. Plus, each hole of the golf course will have a different theme, and different rules. There will be trolls, trick shots, riddles, contests, unfair score alterations, and more.

It’s total madness, and an excellent way to socialize.

Mini Golf will be the Sunday afternoon of the festival.

Fancy-Pants Mashup Party

What is Fancy Pants you may or may not ask?

The show is a series of two person scenes. There’s a cast of 17-20, and they come dressed as fancy as they can muster. They either hang out on stage or in the audience.

For the show, we draw two names at random from the hat and those players come up and pick whatever they feel inspired to do! Big fan of Willem Dafoe? Sweet! Play him in a scene or make up a game like Only Willem Dafoe quotes (exactly like it sounds). Want to just do a grounded scene from nothing? Go for it. The sky is the limit. After that scene, we draw two more names. Rinse and repeat, with as many rounds as time allows.