Q: Why do you need a 20 minute unedited video of my act?

A: This is so that we can get a good idea of what your troupe is capable of performing. The editing part of it is less important with a sketch show, but always remember that the less editing, the better.

A few recommendations:

  • Cut out the hosting parts unless it’s vitally to understanding the show. For improv, in a lot of cases you can even cut off the suggestion taking until the very last moment.
  • For Standup, if you don’t have a performance taped, you can always record it in your home. It’s usually less effective without an audience, but it’s better than nothing!
  • Audio is super important. We haven’t considered groups in the past simply because we couldn’t hear a word of the video.

Q: What if my show is not stand-up, sketch, or improv?

A: Think about which category designation MOST describes your show or consider submitting in this year’s new Variety, Other category.

Q: How recent does the show need to be?

A: The show you submit should be from within the last year.

Q: What’s with this 75% cast requirement?

A: We take very seriously the quality of the festival and the shows within, so it is important to us that your submission adequately represent what we are booking.

Q: Where do I upload my video?

A: There are many sites that allow you to upload video, some with restrictions, such as time or file size. Vimeo is our favorite because we can review them easier. We’ll love you more if you use Vimeo (but we promise it won’t affect our judgement of your act). YouTube is great, also consider Viddler, Vimeo, and Blip.tv. You can also use Dropbox or a file delivery service, just make sure it’s public and that anyone can access it. These sites have their own instructions on how to upload a video.

Q: Can I keep my video private?

A: Yes, there is a setting on YouTube and some of the other sites once you’ve uploaded your video that allows it to NOT be a public video. You will need to furnish OOB with the password to your private videos, and only the submission selection panel will be able to see it. Please notate video instructions in the field below it.

Q: Does my photo need to be hi-resolution?

A: Yes, if at all possible. We take the content from the submissions to put onto our marketing materials and trading cards. If you haven’t heard about our awesome trading cards, check out this instagram from Hill/Jones.

The smallest photo should be 500px x 500px. If in doubt, just upload  the largest photo you have. We mean it!

Q: Who decides which shows are accepted?

A: Each year, a panel of 5-7 individuals from the Austin comedy scene are invited to review submissions along with the Executive Producer.

they assign each submission a score and the average helps to determine the show’s acceptance and placement. These 5 -7panelists are different from year to year and represent a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

Q: When will I know if my project is accepted?

A: We’re hoping to send out acceptance, rejection, and waiting list letters by the end of May and have the final schedule published by Mid-June . We will update you with more exact dates as they are decided.